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Conestabile della Staffa - Brioso Rosato 2018, (Umbria, Italy)

Conestabile della Staffa - Brioso Rosato 2018, (Umbria, Italy)

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Grapes Sangiovese

Region Umbria, Italy
Style Sparkling, Rosato
Size 75cl
ABV 12%
Colour Rusty pink
Skin contact No
Any added sulphites No
Filtered No
Vegan Yes

Tasting notes Very lightly sparkling, dry but juicy, redcurrant, clean finish

‘Beware the boar’

The aim of any good winemaker is always, always, always to capture ‘terroir’ in their wines. Terroir is the Earth’s fingerprint on a wine, it’s that sense of place that can’t be boiled down into any one thing, it’s everything from the soil to the climate, the winemaker and the topography of a vineyard at a certain time. For Conestabile della Staffa, one very special feature of its terroir is its woods. The part of the estate in which the Sangiovese for this sparkling wine grows is surrounded by dense forest and as a result, the flora and fauna creep into the vineyard and embed beneath and between the rows of vines. So wild and alive is this terroir that wild boar like to roam here and in fact, one year devoured all the sacred Sangiovese, leaving nothing for wine. This dry but fruity sparkling rosato is made in honour of those boar, known locally as cinghiale, as they are the ultimate symbol of the health of this land. Winemaker Danilo Marcucci would argue this is not a vineyard that occasionally gets invaded by boar, rather it’s a forest with boar in which nature has allowed the humans to grow vines.


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